Sunday, January 22, 2012


(Thanks Mark W. for photo)

(Thanks Lain Y. for photo)

surprise birthday gift for jose. 

this is my gift toy I made for good friend, Jose.
Since his favorite thing consisted of music and city,
I added boom box on top, and the little metal things in the front were supposed to be city.
It has flash light inside so you can press the back for light.
(I added red tinted thin plastic paper, like the kind from old 3D glass to get red light)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Outdoor Trees

These were final choices of trees. The lines going through the tree indicate how far the wires or woods were poked through the green floral foams.

 Materials used to create trees and outdoor sets.

Outdoor pavement was used from cork-board that we were going to throw away.
It was cut in different shapes so it could be rearranged like puzzle.
(I will update on these later) 

Skate park was 90% made of this foams that RTVF theatre department gave us away for free!
It is very sturdy, easy to cut, and easy to hot glue.
Always ask for this scrap foams at the scene shops, if you need them!
They have huge scraps.

One reference of sink kitchen.

They are made of wood like sticker paper and hard cardboard.

My favorite tool that CLAM gave me for Christmas. A personalized Black and Decker drill!
This is very helpful and strong tool that has been helping me a lot.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


INdoor props_House appliances

These are my summer/winter break artworks. We are still shooting Couch and Potatoes, and these are some of indoor props_house appliances that I built using various materials.
Bookcase is made of woods cut with butter knife. It is drilled, nailed on the top and hot glued on the sides. Then it was oiled with wood refurnishing oil. The books are printed (we had to edit/ photoshop-ed rest of covers or sides) and hot glued on different thickness of foams. These books are either we read in the past, want to read in the future. There are also inspired books referred by Barron S.
Stove: made of thick board/ foams. Various of materials were either picked up from recyclings.
Refrigerator: made of Styrofoam, the kind that comes in packages. It was painful to cut in half and open inside. Inside is made of toothpicks, again various materials I could find. It also lights up in the film!
TV & Remote: TV was mixture of wood, plastic glass, and hard board. Remote buttons were made of rubber band, cut it in very careful manner (I think I lost bunch of them since they are elastic and fling around so much, I ended up cutting a lot of small rubber band squares) I will try to update our set/ props as I make. So stay tuned! Please ask any questions if you have any!